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Lori Loughlin and husband finally plead guilty in college admissions scandal.

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It’s A Long Way To Zihuatanejo: Michael Cohen is out… but we should focus on who is still in.

And What Do You Know?!?!?!: Now that federal prisons are letting white-collar criminals loose, Aunt Becky has decided it’s time to plead guilty to Varsity Blues. What were the f**king odds?

But Football In The Groin Has A Football In The Groin: Partners offer to get pies in the face for charity.

I-Rell To The Crossroads, Fell Down On Their Knees: Firm faces yet another redefining moment.

Ricky Sandler would presumably allow a large viral load of COVID-19 to be injected straight into his veins, yes?

Biglaw gets a lot of revenue from each lawyer.