* Remember how EU ambassador Gordon Sondland was forbidden to testify before Congress? And how he texted the Ukrainian ambassador that the president wanted “no quid pro quo’s of any kind”? He’s about to testify that language was dictacted by Trump himself. Hmm… [Washington Post]

* Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney who Trump is attempting to distance himself from, is reportedly being investigated by federal prosecutors over his ties to the removal of former Ukranian ambassador Marie L. Yovanovitch and whether he violated lobbying laws in the process. [New York Times]

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Certain bankers might wish to avoid entering any Saudi diplomatic posts for the time being.

Current and former employees make for unreliable reviewers because firms vary wildly from office to office, and from practice to practice.

Women have a great opportunity to get ahead here.

Federal judge blocks Trump’s WALL, this time on national emergency grounds.

Neomi Rao’s dissent is, in a word, ‘nuts.’

If you’ve been reading about the growth of shareholder activism and wondering how to get into the field, we can show you.

TRUMP LOSES AGAIN IN COURT: But the dissent tells you how the Republicans plan to save him.

WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL SLAMMED BY FORMER CLASSMATES: This usually only happens to Jones Day lawyers, but Pat Cipollone comes from Chicago Law by way of Kirkland.

HERE’S SOME MORE DUNKING ON CIPOLLONE: Noted liberal cuck… Ilya Somin, can’t even defend the guy.

GET WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD: Biglaw firm founder retires amid misconduct investigation.

IN SPORTS NEWS: I do wonder if China will let us play basketball this year.