That’s impressive.

If PACER is ever to be fully free, it will happen only through an act of Congress. God help every single one of us.

Florida? A Disaster?: Shockingly, the state’s bar exam may not be running smoothly.

Things May Be Turning Around: Katten walks back past salary cuts.

Or Maybe We Spoke Too Soon: Meanwhile Snell is accused of a stealth layoff strategy.

That’s One Way To Cancel A Hearing: Attorney shows up to court after being exposed to COVID.

What led him to make the jump to recruiting, and why did he pick Lateral Link?

Notes to my (legal) self.

While the rollout to other states will be gradual for the first year, she expects that to accelerate by the second year.

A recent Pennsylvania appellate court opinion related to the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (‘PSQIA’) continues a trend of judicial erosion of patient safety privilege protections afforded to health care providers by statute.