Ten for the price of five!

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Whatever The Hell This Is: The DOJ caught a White House mole in their operations.

Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie: And Trump doles out pardons like Hans Gruber demanding freedom for Asian Dawn because he saw “them in Time magazine.”

Bonuses: There are several, but here’s Kirkland’s.

I Just Can’t With These People Anymore: Kentucky alerts people who “passed” that they actually failed. But don’t worry they get to take the next exam for free!

Associates really seem to like it here.

Lots Of Bonus News: Market rate, over the top, and not so good.

Is The Bar Exam Broken? Sure, but what to do about it?

Big News At Boies Schiller: And it may not be as bad as you’ve heard.

Increasing Law School Applications And More: The latest episode of Thinking Like A Lawyer.

Well done!

Bonus Announcements! At Simpson, Willkie and Davis Polk.

This Woman Passed The Bar Exam: That she took while in labor. Impressive.

The PACER Scam: Actually gets worse, if you can imagine it.

As Rallying Cries Go, “Release The Kraken!” Isn’t That Scary: Take note, Sidney Powell.

Law School Exam Snafu: And, because it’s 2020, it’s super sized!

This Biglaw firm is moving up the rankings.

Playing FTSE in the Ackmanaissance.

Weil Gotshal And Paul Hastings Hand Out Bonuses: But not everyone is pleased with how they handled it.

Who Knew Lawyers Would Need Baby Gates? 2020 is just full of surprises. 

Layoffs Coming? Dentons’ redundancy efforts.

Got A Cute Holiday Card? Send it to us.

I Know Law School Was A While Ago: But I don’t remember hearsay being this difficult.