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Murray has been called a white supremacist by the left-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center. Murray denies the label and the president of the Idaho Freedom Foundation say they and Murray are trying to improve quality of lives for everyone.

Jeff spoke of Heaven, longed for Heaven and now he is in Heaven.

Jeffery Ray Isham passed away due to a motorcycle accident on May 16, 2020. Jeff was born March 15, 1966 to Don and Karen Ralls Isham in Arco, Idaho. Jeff graduated from Butte County High School in 1984 and attended Idaho State University. Jeff married his high school sweetheart, Wendy Marvel, August 18, 1984 and to this union came Jeff’s beloved son, Damond Jeffery Isham. During this time Jeff worked for White Mortuary in Twin Falls, Idaho and later moved back to Howe, Idaho to pursue his love of farming and ranching with his Dad and brothers. Jeff and Wendy were later divorced.

Jeff met the love of his life, Kelly Garland, in January 1988. They were married June 10, 1989 in Howe, Idaho. The Lord blessed them with four more sons, Benjamin Don, Daniel Glen, Jonathan Lee, and Matthew Kelly whom Jeff adored.

For 33 years Jeff built a successful farming operation and trucking company. He truly loved trucking with his Dad and farming with his brothers. Jeff served on several boards for many years such as the Lions Club, Soil Conservation Service (SCS), Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and Old Faithful Christian Ranch (OFCR). Jeff loved riding his motorbike and going on vacations with his family to make memories.

Jeff loved Jesus and surrendered his heart to the Lord and accepted Him as his personal Savior at a young age. Jeff attended Little Lost River Bible Church for many years. Jeff and Kelly were very active in the church. They led youth group for 16 years and were also Sunday School teachers and worship leaders. In 2009 Jeff and Kelly started attending Watersprings Church. They became active by leading youth group, young adults and an older singles group.

One word to describe Jeff would be “others”. Jeff truly loved people and always thought of others first. He never knew a stranger. Upon meeting Jeff for the first time, people genuinely wanted to hang around him and get to know him. He had the gift of encouragement and always made people feel special. He always had a smile and a hug for everyone and his sense of humor made us all laugh.

Jeff is survived by his wife of 30 years, Kelly Isham of Howe, his sons, Damond (Lauren) Isham of Seattle, Benjamin (Lori) Isham of Idaho Falls, Daniel (Whitney) Isham of Idaho Falls, Jonathan (Jennifer) Isham of Idaho Falls, Matthew Isham of Idaho Falls, granddaughter, Audrey Charlotte and soon to be grandson, James Ray. He is also survived by his parents Don and Karen Isham of Idaho Falls, his mother-in-law Carol Garland of Idaho Falls, his brothers Mike (Kirsten) Isham of Howe, Darren (Stephanie) Isham of Howe, his sister Shelle (Shane) Remer of Shelley, as well as many nieces and nephews.

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SJR101 is very bad legislation with far-reaching and hidden consequences to Idaho citizens. The primary financier promoting this constitutional amendment to Idaho’s State Constitution is an anti-gun California billionaire Henry Nicholas who wants Idaho to become more like California. Henry Nicholas co-founded Broadcom.

After researching the founder, who is the chief financier promoting this amendment change, and learning lots more on his anti-gun globalist past, I encourage all House Representatives to vote no on this bill! Here is how our elected Idaho representatives said they will vote on Marcy’s proposed constitutional amendment.


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Wolf hunting is now legal in Idaho, after Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar removed the animal from the endangered species list. This video is the first in a series about the challenges facing Mr. Salazar.

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U.S.: Open Season on Idaho Wolves –

Tips on selling an automobile with an Idaho title

Missing Idaho Kids – Lori Vallow Daybell’s niece says she believes the kids are safe and that Lori may be protecting her kids “from people that are trying to harm them.” Also, Lori’s mom and sister speak to 48 hrs for the first time saying they believe Lori can’t say where the kids are because her jailhouse calls are recorded.

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Tiger King – New evidence uncovered in the disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband, Don Lewis. Handwriting expert says Don’s signature on his will was traced from the marriage certificate. We’ll have the handwriting expert and the investigative reporter that uncovered the story.

Ahmaud Arbery – New video shows a man that could be Arbery entering the home under construction more than once and the homeowner suggests he could have been there simply to get a drink of water while on his regular jogs. We’ll bring you the latest in this case.

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Moving to Meridian Idaho? Here are 6 steps you NEED to know to make your move to Meridian as smooth as possible!

Are you familiar with the Idaho dream?… RebelAnn, who is a California transplant is currently living it with her family. She has taken her previous experience in law enforcement, hospitality, and as a stay at home mom to help serve families in the Real Estate industry. She not only understands the emotional needs of her clients but takes control to protect their largest investment. As a professional realtor she creates a positive experience while achieving successful results whether on the home buying or selling side.

RebelAnn consistently goes the extra mile to ensure her clients have every question answered and every need met. She specializes in individuals that are interested in relocating to Idaho and more specifically the Treasure Valley Area. She can be a guide on account of her own experiences because she knows that along with relocating comes a lot of questions and potential fears. She will be able to answer any questions to alleviate the stress of moving to a new State. RebelAnn loves her community and is excited to share this experience with everybody… especially you.


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We also dive into the divide between Gov. Little and Lt. Gov. McGeachin. Plus, let’s find some covid calm at Lucky Peak.