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Colene will give a Keynote Speech on September 28 at the Boise Convention Center for the Idaho SHRM State Council Employment Law Conference. She will share some tools for having those tough talks in our organizations that either go very wrong or we avoid them all together. Both are just as harmful to the company culture. Come learn some tools to help you be a more successful leader.
To book Colene Rogers as a keynote speaker on leadership, motivation, and organizational culture & development visit

Colene is a sought-after keynote speaker and consultant as she understands the challenges organizations and business leaders face through her 15 years as a Human Resources professional. She knows firsthand the hidden costs of diminished employee morale and low productivity.
Colene is an effective speaker that loves her audience! She uses her experience as an entertainer at Walt Disney World and as a theater actress and director to deliver an indelible presentation that is both informative and entertaining, with human interest stories that touch the heart.
Both SHRM and HRCI certified, Colene’s keynotes address the topics of leadership, recruitment, hiring, employee engagement and retention with practical takeaways that organizations can apply immediately. Colene’s keynotes teach the supreme importance of communication and valuing others that lead to greater company profits!

Colene is a senior certified HR professional (SHRM-SCP) and a certified professional in Human Resources (PHR). Her work experience includes 25 years as a sales and human
resource professional. Colene has worked for Walt Disney World Entertainment, Hyatt Hotels Sales, and in Human Resources for Florida State Government and for non-profit
organizations. She has extensive experience in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. As part of the John Maxwell Team, she is an experienced John Maxwell certified speaker, trainer, and coach, as well as a VitalSmarts certified trainer on Crucial Conversations. Colene is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, where she earned degrees in both Public Speaking and Organizational Communication.

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Governor Brad Little will deliver a message to the people of Idaho on the COVID-19 vaccine at 2:20 p.m. MT on Tuesday, January 12, 2021. The Governor’s message will be available to watch on Idaho Public Television (.1) and right here on YouTUBE.

While Americans are having a hard time agreeing on much these days, most everyone was pretty pleased with the multiple rounds of stimulus checks sent out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many of us wanted ? or needed ? more to make ends meet during a time of such great economic upheaval, most were not upset to receive a check for $1,200 in the spring and another recent payment of $600. The incoming Biden administration is now stumping for another quick infusion of $1,400 in Americans’ pockets.

But it’s now tax time as well, and you might be wondering whether those cash injections last year are going to now show up as part of your income, which you will then owe taxes on.

Stimulus Checks Are Tax-Free

Let’s get the most important information out of the way first. According to the IRS, the stimulus checks are “not income and taxpayers will not owe tax on it.” This means that it will not decrease any refund or increase what you may owe. The IRS also notes that receiving a stimulus check will not affect your eligibility for any federal assistance programs, such as food stamps. It is likely that any additional stimulus checks passed by Congress during the Biden administration will be treated the same way.

So rest easy, because that money is essentially a free tax refund on money that you’ve already contributed as an American taxpayer. Spend it, save it, invest it; do whatever you want with it.

How Taxes Figure Into Stimulus Checks

While you will not owe any taxes on your stimulus checks, the IRS does use your tax return in determining whether you are eligible to receive a check.

For the first round of checks in the spring of 2020, the agency looked at 2018 and 2019 year tax returns to determine whether you made too much to receive the $1,200 checks. For this most recent round, of which all checks were required to be issued by Jan. 15, the agency looked at 2019 tax returns for determining eligibility.

You Can Still Claim Missed Checks

Millions of people who may have been eligible didn’t receive stimulus checks from either round of relief. This could have been for reasons like:

  • Making too much money in prior years despite losing a job in 2020
  • Not having a Social Security number
  • Receiving stimulus money through participation in federal benefit programs but not receiving money for dependent children
  • Not entering payment information correctly to the IRS after not filing a 2018 or 2019 tax return

If you think that you are owed stimulus money, you still have a chance to claim it. However, you will need to file a 2020 tax return to claim your Recovery Rebate Credit. You must do this even if you did not make enough money to have to file. A tax professional can help you determine whether you are eligible.

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How to Change your name in Idaho can be completed by following the name change guide according to the Statute Code 7-801 and 7-804. This instructional guide is for anyone seeking to change their name after marriage, after divorce, or for personal use.
Get your Name Change Forms. You will have to get the Idaho name change forms and fill in completely. Download the official forms below:
Idaho Name Change Petition NCA 1-1
Idaho Notice of Hearing ANC-3
To download these and all other necessary documents, click here.
After completely filling out your form you will need to go to a Public Notary to have your signature witnessed. You can find one at every branch bank in the United States.
File Your Petition. Now that you have filled in all your forms you are ready to file your petition to the County Court Clerk’s Office nearest you. You will need to submit your forms along with a check for $88.00.
Publish Your Name Change. You will need to submit a notice of publication, in the State of Idaho, you are required to publish your name in a Idaho newspaper that serves in the area you reside. The ad must run for at least once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.
After successful publication, you will be required to send a ‘Publication Affidavit’ to the county court clerk. This form will be given to you by the newspaper.
Attend a Hearing. Now you are ready to attend the hearing that was setup when you started the name change process. You will need to bring all your documents including an Idaho Order of Name Change and in the hopes of receiving your official Order For Name Change.
Change Your Name. The final step of the process in Idaho is taking your Order for Name Change and using it to preform the name changes at any public or private institution you may have relations.

Watch this video about choosing a bicycle accident attorney in Boise, ID. Then call Hepworth Holzer for a free consultation and case evaluation.

How long will it take to resolve my bicycle accident claim?

One of the things people are regularly concerned about when they’ve suffered an injury accident on their bicycle is how long the case is going to take. How long is it going to take to resolve my injury accident claim? It really depends. It depends on a lot of things. It depends on where it was, for one. It depends on the scope of your injuries, too. We want to understand fully what your injuries were. We want to make sure that you’ve fully recovered and reached a level of maximum medical improvement, where we know how you are and we know how you’re doing.

We can resolve things related to the damage to your bicycle itself pretty quickly, but as far as how long it’s going to take, it can take quite awhile for some cases. If the insurance company is unfair or if the driver is trying to fight their claim and say what they did wrong wasn’t really wrong, you end up having to go to court. It can be quickly or it can take a long time; it depends on the facts in your situation.

If you have any questions about your accident claim and how long it might take in Idaho, just call us at the firm. We’re all happy to talk to you about your claim and what the process might be in your situation.

Download our personal injury guide:

Please contact an experienced Boise personal injury attorney at Hepworth Holzer by calling (208) 369-9633 or online at

Every year there are plenty of new laws that might have an impact on our lives. So, it can be helpful this time of year to scan the legal horizon, identify the most important of the bunch, and see if any new trends have emerged.

That is what we have done, and here are a few things we have found:

Police Reforms

The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police on Memorial Day 2020 sparked a wave of protests across the U.S. In response, several legislatures passed new laws to improve police oversight with civilian review panels.

Several passed laws prohibiting police chokeholds. Some moved in the opposite direction; Georgia, for instance, passed a new law defined as ?bias-motivated intimidation,” which would apply to the death or serious injury of police, firefighters, or emergency personnel.

Minimum Wage Hikes

This was a notable trend of 2020, and it is continuing. Low-wage workers in 20 states got raises January 1 when minimum-wage increases went into effect.

California has the highest state minimum wage, $14 an hour. The municipality with the highest required minimum wage is Emeryville, California, at $16.84 per hour, followed by Seattle at $16.69. As of December 31, New York City’s minimum wage is $15 an hour.

New COVID Laws

A vast number of laws are going into effect this year as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Some states have greatly expanded family-leave programs. In California, for instance, employers with at least five employees must now provide at least 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave for employees to take care of young children or sick family members.

Georgia and Virginia passed laws to protect people from getting surprise medical bills, such as those from out-of-network providers during an emergency.

Overcoming resistance from Republican lawmakers, Oklahoma residents approved a constitutional amendment to expand Medicaid coverage this July. It is expected to help about 215,000 low-income residents.

Airport Security

Starting October 1, your old driver’s license won’t be enough to get you through airport security. You will need a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID, or other acceptable identification to board a commercial plane in the U.S.

This change was scheduled to go into effect October 1, 2020, but was pushed back a year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Legalized Pot and Drug Reform

On Election Day 2020, voters in four states ? Arizona, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota ? voted yes on recreational marijuana. The effective dates this year vary ? Arizona, for instance, estimates an April launch after licensing procedures are ironed out and in New Jersey nobody knows because disagreements over penalties for underage pot use have kept things in limbo.

This brings to 15 the number of states that now allow recreational marijuana.

Meanwhile, Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize possession of small amounts of hard drugs.

Here and There?

  • All children born or adopted after January 1, 2021, in Illinois will get $50 deposited in a college savings plan.
  • new California law requires all companies based there to have at least one board member who is a racial or sexual minority by the end of the year. Larger numbers will be required in 2022.
  • Starting July 1, it will be illegal to hold a cell phone and drive in Virginia.
  • Delaware has become the eighth state to ban plastic shopping bags.
  • As of January 1, greyhound racing is banned in Florida.

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A quick video description of Idaho’s property tax process.that was produced by the Idaho Association of Counties in conjunction with University Television Productions Boise State University.

After Brian Later was robbed at gunpoint he decided to not only get into guns, but open his own shop as well. Guns N Gear Sports in Idaho Falls, ID is a full service gun store with a state of the art shooting simulator, tactical and traditional indoor ranges, and all the eye candy a gun enthusiast could ever wish for.

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Every year, we set aside the third Monday of January to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and his special place in our country’s past as a civil rights leader.

But as a symbol, King continues to play an important role in the country’s present and future. The enduring images of the civil rights protests from the 1960s that King and others led inform our views on civil disobedience in the modern American consciousness.

And if 2020’s summer of unrest caused by the death of George Floyd was any indication, many Americans have renewed their faith in these teachings.

Civil Disobedience Has a Long History

King was actually not the first person to teach civil disobedience. Essayist Henry David Thoreau penned “Civil Disobedience” in 1849, popularizing the term here in the U.S. It was employed in Mahatma Gandhi and his followers in their struggle for Indian independence.

Many Christians also point back to the life of Jesus Christ as an early example of civil disobedience against the Roman empire to win devotees to his cause.

Using Civil Disobedience to Bring About Change

Like Gandhi, King used civil disobedience as a means of effectuating government change. It took the form of large-scale, non-violent refusals to obey government commands. There were sit-ins and marches, all carried out against the wishes of local authorities.

In King’s mind, the purpose was to “create a situation so crisis-packed that it will inevitably open the door to negotiation.” Civil disobedience, if on a grand enough scale, forces the government to negotiate change.

Tens of thousands of Americans ? if not more ? employed this strategy in 2020. While some people protesting in the wake of Floyd’s death caused destruction, many marched, held sit-ins, and refused police orders to disperse to demonstrate their commitment to their principles.

Many peacefully handed themselves over to police. Each of them risked a criminal record in the name of change.

Martin Luther King’s civil disobedience legacy was honored by all of these acts. So why not take the time Monday to honor him? While we do not advocate breaking the law, MLK day is also recognized as a national day of service. There are countless volunteer opportunities available across the country for you to take advantage of.

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David Hayles and Douglas Mack were thrilled with the columns in the Capitol, which most people mistook for marble.