What if you are one of the lucky candidates to actually interview, receive, and accept a job offer with a major law firm during this weighty time of COVID-19?
Your summer just opened up…
WHERE IN THE WORLD IS GEORGE CONWAY? He’s been wiped off the Wachtell website.

CORONAVIRUS GETS STUDENTS OUT OF GOING TO LAW SCHOOL: All classes and finals at this school have been moved to an online format.

CLERKSHIPS USED TO MEAN SOMETHING: Now, in Trumpland, maybe not so much?

TENTH CIRCUIT SWEEPS SEXUAL HARASSMENT UNDER THE RUG: And then takes an excruciatingly long time to publicly discipline judge.

Biglaw Announced Some Bonuses: Davis Polk matched.

Debevoise nonchalantly announces bonus news.

Skadden gets in on the bonus fun.

Ropes & Gray announced bonuses.

So did Shearman & Sterling.

If Only There Was An Easy Way To Track Bonuses: Oh, here you go.

Figuring Out Why Women Leave Biglaw: A survey.

Brett Kavanaugh Event Sponsored By Facebook: We live in the darkest timeline.

Just because you have a Supreme Court, doesn’t mean you immediately start using the Supreme Court.